Parents urged to pay attention to issues of malnutrition

By Hassan Arun Cosmas

A nutrition specialist appeals to the general population to pay more attention to addressing issues of malnutrition in Yei River County.

Amie Simaya Morish, Nutrition Assistant at Yei civil hospital says that malnutrition is a dangerous disease that claims the lives of people.

“This disease always claims lives of children under six to nine months and causes a lot of suffering to the entire population, especially during the period of the crisis in the country. The killer disease affects children, lactating mothers and elderly people because of their vulnerability context,”

He added that malnutrition is one of the dangerous diseases which had led to loss of lives most, especially in children from six to nine months that caused death and suffering to the community, especially with the situation of our country. Malnutrition has become a killer disease more especially in children, lactating mothers and elderly people.

He reveals the establishment of mother-to-mother support groups, lid mothers and deployment of CMBs to monitor and report cases of malnutrition.

“The few challenges that we have are about access to other areas outside Yei to assess, but currently we are trying to overcome them because we have deployed CMBs and established mother-to-mother support groups and lid mothers to monitor and report cases of malnutrition in the communities, “He adds.

He recommends more service delivery to the community to overcome the high rate of malnutrition in the societies.

Malnutrition is a disease that is caused by a lack of enough food nutrients in the body.

The medical personnel advise the people to at least consume a balanced diet that contains all the food values.

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