Parents urged to build strong foundation for youth

By: Peter Gatkuoth

The Deputy Speaker of Jubek state at the Legislative Assembly Mary Elias has urged parents to build a strong foundation for their children.

 This comes after the community held funeral ceremony of the Jubek State member of Legislative Assembly Swaka Philip.

Speaking during funeral over the weekend, Elias said the future of the country seems uncertain and unstable because parents and guardians have not built a strong foundation for youths.

“We have not made strong foundation for our youths, that is why we want see the stability; our youth don’t know where they are heading and what they are doing,” Elias said.

Deputy Governor of Jubek state, Francis Latio Michael said they need to people need to tolerate one another and need to see that whatever they are doing must be for their own welfare.

“Let us support and help ourselves vey much as family of Jubek, our brothers and sisters in parliament let us stand together, we must be strong people because if we are   strong and united, our state can move forward,’’ he stated.

Latio urged the youths to refrain from committing crimes but instead take part in developmental projects within the State.

“Look, the indulgence in criminal activities brings shame to our mother and father. Let us take care of our children as parents because they start engaging in such activities due to frustration, which emanates from lack of employment,’’ Latio said.

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