Parents told to use family planning to prevent street children


Deputy governor Dr. Margret Itto Leonardo greeting a parent in Torit

By Thomas Lodovico Oryem

Authorities in Torit State have urged parents to practice family planning in order to prevent the rising cases of street children in the state.

The economic crisis that has engulfed the whole country is forcing many parents in Torit to neglect their children. Every day children are joining their colleagues on street life and some of them face health risks.

The Acting Governor who also is the Deputy governor Dr. Margret Itto Leonardo compared the status of street children in Torit to “goats roaming in the streets with no people attending to them”, saying that bad cultural practices in communities were responsible for the rise in the number of street children.

Dr. Itto called on the citizens to practice family planning for them to decide on the number of children they want. She said that family planning will reduce street children and gender based violence issues.

She urged the parents to change their negative attitudes towards family planning and they should start practicing it.

Children are the most victims of gender based violence due to the economic crisis in the country; the hunger has forced children to be out from home and schools to seek for survival on the streets and markets in Torit.

It’s not yet clear that the children who are living in streets and market of Torit are orphans.

In an interview with the Juba Monitor, a child who prefers not to be named said some of them were real orphans while others have their parents but they could not support them by paying their school fees and feeding them.

The government of Torit State urged parents to practice family planning in order to produce a minimum number of children that they can take care of.

Longejuk Vitale Martin, Torit State Minister of Gender and Social Welfare urged communities in Torit to leave negative cultures that destroy the societies.

Majority of street children in Torit come from polygamous families, according to the state government.

Mr. Martin appealed to the national government to build reformatory centers so as to implement his ministry’s policies.




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