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Parents should have good relations with children

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

It is important for parents to have good relationship with their children in the families. Many children have been far from their parents due to lack of good relationship. A mother should play her role as mother and at the same time should have good relations with her daughters; a father should have the same. Sometimes as parents, you can treat your children in an administrative way, to educate them to be good children in the society and community.

On the other hand, treat them like friends. Be near them; know their programmes and challenges facing them academically and socially, because they are interacting with different people in various places.  A part from the education you are giving them as parents in the families close watch.

Relationship with children should start right from the beginning as a child is growing.  He or she will grow with the love of parents, in any situation it would be easy for you as parents to interact with them and know their activities.

However, this love is not there in many families, that is why several children left home living in the streets. May be the parents failed to educate them or the environment where they were living had contributed to their problems.  Good parents should educate children in religion manners. They will go to the church on Sunday andattend other events, allow them to participate in church activities. Any child growing in the church, would be a good child with respect in the community. I know with new technology in the world today many children are not listening to their parents. Some of them would say our time is different from yours.

We are in the world of dot com. What the world is doing is to be known by the parents. Is it teaching them good ways of life or it is taking them to nowhere.

However, it is important to have good relationship with children in the families and know their activities to build better relations between parents and children. Otherwise, there is big gap that is why parents have a lot of problems with children.

May God bless us all.

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