Topical Commentary

By: Charles Lotara

Kids are mentally vulnerable and at the same time powerful when growing up. By that I mean, they are easy to manipulate, but they do not easily forget what they are told, or an incident which happened under their watch. It is for this reason that as parents or guardians we should pay very close attention to our actions around children. I stumbled on a heart-melting story this morning where four kids were preparing to go to school. Normally, the mother would wake up very early in the morning to prepare food package, which the children carry with them on their way to school. By seven o’clock Prosper who is the eldest child dressed up with other three younger ones and they were ready waiting in the sitting room. The mother did not wake up to make breakfast that morning. Prosper sensed something wasn’t right when it was past six that the mother and the father were at loggerheads. A few minutes later he began to hear noise from their parent’s bedroom and quickly went into the kitchen to prepare some noodles with fried eggs which they would all take to school that morning. Of course as kids, they were never in happy moods whenever they saw the parents fighting and tearing at each other. It was a Thursday morning and they were all set to leave for school. Prosper put the food in different food flasks for all other younger ones and arranged them in each person’s basket. Little did he know that no one was going to eat anything that morning? “These people have started again this morning,” the younger sister grumbled. Her eyes showed that she was not happy. “When will they ever stop quarrelling?” The eldest brother dryly mumbled “I don’t know, maybe when they begin to grow grey hair that is when they will stop,” he said. “Sometimes I feel very ashamed of myself. They are the only adults in this estate that are always fighting. This is not proper,” Prosper lamented. The sister shook her head and said “The fault is always from Mum. When I grow up, I will not quarrel with my husband.” She looked at Prosper in a manner that suggested how troubled she was. Parents should know that whenever they quarrel their kids suffer the more. She looked at her brother tearfully and asked; “Will you quarrel with your wife when you grow up?” The brother vowed never to do such a mistake. As the brawl between the parents ensued, one of the children fell sick there was a contention over who should escort the child to an Indian hospital. Eventually, the child died and the husband filed a divorce and vowed never to take his wife back. The remaining kids sided with their father and blamed the mother, who was not working, yet she was given all that she wanted by the husband. From this scenario we learn as parents, it’s important to be role models to your children by doing well and sparing kids from psychological trauma. They also copy exactly what you do and apply it in real-life situations. So, live by good examples.

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