Parents protest grabbing of School land in Gok State

School children having a meal at one of the facilities in the country (Credit: World Vision):

By Opio Jackson

Parents of Abiriu Boys Primary School of Gok State have complained over the grabbing of school land by the County Commissioner Bol Madol, saying he has fenced half of the land.

The parents who claimed that their children were not accessing the learning facilities have called for the intervention of the national Ministry of General Education and Instruction to resolve the issue.

One of the administrators of Abiriu Boys Primary School who spoke on condition of anonymity for security reasons confirmed to Juba Monitor on Thursday in a phone interview that the pupils were out of classes as they could not access the learning facilities.

“It is true that the Abiriu County Commissioner had grabbed the school land that belongs to Abiriu Boys Primary School. He has grabbed half of the school land including the latrines and the water tank,” he claimed.

The source added that the commissioner encroached onto the school land and fenced the school latrines into his personal compound.

“We tried to file a case against him at the County police headquarters but the police working there have declined to attend to us. We have petitioned the County education authority and Governor of Gok State and they have not given us any response,” he added.

He continued that he was worried about the future of the children in the area as they were not accessing classes when he spoke to us.

The school authority and parents have urged the national Ministry of Education to intervene since they have tried all relevant authorities in the State to resolve the matter but all have failed.

Abiriu Boys Primary School raised the name of Gok State after the school was declared the best in the 2017 South Sudan Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE). However, the teachers said they doubt whether Gok State would excel in the next PLE.

Recently, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) released a report that more than two million school going age children were out of school in South Sudan.

The report was released during the launch of Global Initiative on Out-of School Children (OoSC) on Tuesday in Juba.

According to the report there were complex and interrelated reasons ranging from poverty to cultural practices that have contributed to the high rate of Out-of-school children (OoSC) in the country.



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