Parents for girl shot dead in Lakes call for justice

By Hou Akot Hou

The family for the teenage girl who was shot by a Police officer in Lakes State call for authorities to follow legal procedures to ensure that the perpetrators face the law without compromising any position.

On Saturday last week, 19-year-old Akon Deng Kuac was killed when the driver lost direction which would have led them to Juba directly but took a wrong direction towards Mayom county in Upper Nile when he realized at Maper North in Rumbek that he was following wrong route and in making the U-turn she was ambushed.

Ustaz Wol Deng Akeen, the deceased’s relative said the car got ambushed and one assailant moved toward the occupants of the car, most of whom were children returning to school and the other assailants were seemingly hiding in the bushed started shooting randomly.

“They left Aweil for Juba on Saturday with her siblings returning to school and the car was hired for them. They reached Rumbek late at 3 pm and the late Akon Deng Kuac was with her other 13 siblings and a woman included. The driver lost direction going to Juba and moved North of Rumbek (Maper) as they were driving almost into Mayom territory, he realized it was the wrong route and, on the way, back they got themselves ambush,”

He added that they called authorities to instruct the officers who are stationed in the checkpoints not to shoot at random though somebody has not adhered to a call to stop.

He revealed that the negative social media users are about to instigate the incident of this girl’s heinous killings as some took to the media depending such act in Lakes State which he said is contrary to normalcy and tranquility highly required and for the sake of peace in the region.

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