Pardoning prisoners a positive step

By: Anna Nimiriano

President Salva Kiir decision to pardon prisoners in the beginning of the year was a positive move as part of forgiveness. It was a day of happiness and joy for the parents, relatives and friends to re-unite with their children, Dr. Peter Biar and Kerbino Wol. It was peace to those families on that day.   You cannot talk about peace if you don’t forgive your enemies or pardoned them for what they have done. On the date the prisoners were released, some of their parents appreciated President Kiir for having pardoned their relatives and children.

What would happen next was my concern and is very important to their lives. It is not only about pardoning them but rather the way they will live after being imprisoned. The parents of those children should make sure that they have to control their children and educate them in a good manner. They are expected not to repeat the same mistake that took them to the prison, relatively to see the future of those children and educate them to be good citizens, for the fact that they are the future of this country.

That is why human being is subject to produce and change, so that there are generations to replace the old one. If we don’t educate them well, the future of the coming generation is going to be in darkness.

Out of those children, some of them could become good leaders if their parents take care of them and vice versa. On the first of January this year, I was going by the Ministries road; I saw a big number of children moving along the roads, the way they behaved was very strange. When I asked a certain man, he said it was a group of niggers that was the way they move and behave.  Majority of them were between ten to 15 years old. If not all but majority of them were South Sudanese by birth and nationality, I am sure some of them have parents.  Why they were behaving in such a manner is what remains unclear.

Otherwise, it is going to be a great loss to South Sudan by having children who are not helpful to the country. We could lose children in the coming generations, which indicate bad image of the country, for years to come. If we don’t take care; number of criminal people would increase in the country which is bad. Let us get solution to these children; they don’t know what they are doing. We have heard what had happened in the pass and during Christmas Eve about niggers groups. They were attacking each other sometimes it might have reached to the point of killing their colleagues and others.

 In this year, let us try our best to get solutions to stop such movement of niggers in the country.

We cannot see our children misbehaving doing bad things that destroying their future. The best way is to get their leaders and talk to them. Therefore, let the government also take the responsibility of those children and conduct some of their families to get solution.

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