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Panyijar flood victims receive medical assistance

By Mabor Riak Magok

Over 600 households with a total of 3,600 individuals flood displaced community of Panyijar have received consignment of medicines and 700 mosquito nets in Rumbek East County of Lakes State.

Speaking to Juba Monitor on Thursday, the Deputy Chairperson of Relief and Rehabilitation Commission in Lakes State Adhum Achol Geu said that the flood displaced community from neighbouring Panyijar county of Unity Statereceived a consignment of drugs

“We have 600 households with a population of 3,600 individuals that have settled in Akot Payam and the government had allocated them a land for their settlement”. Said Adhum.

He added that Commission teams and humanitarian organizations wouldcome to Akot Payam after distribution of mosquito nets and proceed to Yirol East County where a population of 395 households was reported to have settled in Adior Payam and Nyang of Yirol East County of Lakes State.

He revealed that WFP programs would make distribution of food items next week after a verification of food items for delivery.

Meanwhile, Representative of the displaced community from Panyijar County of Unity State Simon Makoi said that the population was very huge and the number of mosquito nets distributed to the IDPs and the consignment of medicines supplied to us in Akot Payam was not enough and malaria cases confirmed every day.

“There is no food and enough medicines, but we are expecting WFP to provide us with food items next week,” Makoi said.

However, Chatim Chan Kuocwuor appealed to humanitarian agencies to provide the needy population of flood displaced community from neighbouring Panyijar county with food and non food items.

“We are asking UN and humanitarian organizations to assist us with plastic sheets, medicines, food items and mosquito nets,”

GatkuoiGatkuoth, a youth representative said that they were just surviving on the little beans and pumpkins which they got from the host community in Akot Payam.

“The host community in Rumbek East County of Akot Payam are giving cups of beans and pumpkins. We now believe South Sudan is one country. We urge our people who remain in flooded areas in Panyijar county of Unity State to come and settle in Akot Payam”. said Gatkuoth, a youth leader.

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