Cover Story


The scene being witnessed in major petrol stations in Juba and parts of the country reminds consumers of what was happening some four years back. Running with the 20 litres plastic containers and lining up in the stations up to overnight were the order of the day which should not be allowed to reoccur. It is like some individuals are behind the current fuel shortage being felt in the country. Some stations have hiked their fuel pump prices while roadside dealers have taken the advantage selling a litre at 1000 SSP. It is a booming business right now with few stations still maintaining the required prices. It has affected transport with school children being the most hit. There must be something that could be done immediately the matter goes out of hand. With stand-off among the truck drivers and the government over insecurity along Juba-Nimule Highway where some of their colleagues have perished in the hands of criminals and where motorists were being ambushed at will by the unknown gunmen.The government must put its legs firmly on the ground and deal with these so called unknown gunmen. The security must escort the drivers to and fro in all their endevours. There should not be any compromises with thugs or criminals. The drivers must also accept the steps and action taken by the government to save the situation from deteriorating further. It is hard on their parts as they have loving kith and kin whom they must take care of but giving impossible conditions would not help improve the situation; all concerned must work collectively for the good of good neighbourhoods. Insecurity is the concern of every human being who should be protected by the state security organs from wherever they operate and do businesses. It should be sound for all to come to reason(s) and work together to avert the looming shortage of basic commodities.

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