Pan-Africanism organization launched at Juba University

By: Peter Gatkuoth

Students at the University of Juba have launched a new organization dubbed Juba University Students’ Solidarity for Africa (JUSSA).

The organization aims at striving for Nationalism and Pan-Africanism to combat tribalism in South Sudan with support from the African Union.

Speaking to Juba Monitor during the launch last Saturday, the Special Representative of the Chairperson of the African Union Commission and Head of African Union Mission in South Sudan Amb. Prof. Joram M.Biswaro said the launch was continuation of Pan-Africanism.

He said the contributions of young South Sudanese students were needed by the continent.

“I am humbly appealing to you to contractively use this forum to fight all evils which can divide you first as South Sudanese secondly as Africans,” Ambassador Joram said.

“Our aspiration is an integrated Africa, a peaceful South Sudan and stable South Sudan is contribution to a peaceful Africa and stable Africa,” he added.

He said as students dialoguing should be one of their cultures. “We resolve our differences through dialogue and I look forward to seeing you translating and taking your objectives of this forum you are launching today down to the grass root.”

Meanwhile, the Head of Secretariat of Mediation team for the Sudanese Peace Talks Dr. Albino Bol Dhieu said the inauguration of this important organization that calls for nationalism and Pan Africanism was very important.

“We are at war among ourselves, we have experienced for the last five years and African Union is our witness. We have fought among ourselves as South Sudanese because we are lacking this two ideology or this two concepts the nationalism and Pan Africanism,” he explained.

Dr. Albino stressed that Pan Africanism was an emotional, political, economic and cultural movement among black African decent groups.

“We have been divided and you start seeing me on tribal line simply because of influence of our greedy politicians because we are lacking nationalism,” he said.

The Acting Dean of Students Affairs at the University of Juba Adam Cholong Ohisi said there was nothing wrong with tribalism.

He explained that it was only wrong when we militarize and politicize it, adding that our ancestors used tribe for their identity and there was nothing wrong with them.

“We need to benefit from the best of our tribes and the cultures; we don’t need to take tribalism as political identity or grouping .I would like you students to think critically,” Cholong said.

He urged the students to spread the organization to the five public universities and other universities to have the Pan-Africanism organization.

The president of Juba University Students’ Solidarity for Africa (JUSSA) Mading Chol Chayor said the platform was the non-political organization with the aim to combat tribalism.

“As organization we are going to eliminate the spirit of tribalism and combat tribalism totally in the country,” he said.

The Secretary for Trust Funds and Finance Diana Richard Wani said the newly formed organization was going to play great role especially among the youth.

 “We are looking forward to eliminating tribalism and work hard to make sure the unity among young youth is being practiced,” she said.

“Let us leave our differences aside and we come as one brother and sister and transform our nation from the difficulties we are facing. Youth are being used as tool for conflict and we don’t want this to continue it is right time for us to stop it,” Ms. Diana explained.

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