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Palouch oil workers’ strike demand pay in US dollars

By Wek Atak Kacjang

Employees of China National Logging Company (CNLC) at oil field in Palouch have not worked for the last three days in protest of poor salary structure.

The workers are demanding the company to pay their salaries in US dollars instead of the South Sudanese Pounds.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, Emmanuel Mangok Deng, one of the striking workers said they laid down their tools because since last year, the company did not listen to their complaints.

“Since we are engineers and we are geologist working for an International company, we are demanding that we should be treated like our fellow brothers from other countries,” Deng said.

He said before they laid down their tools, they had notified the management that since the product they produce is being sold in an international market in dollars; they should also be paid in dollars.

“When we ask the company manager about our money, simply it will be answered that SSP is a national and legal currency,” Deng revealed.

He accused the company of paying low salaries to south Sudanese. He said some of them get paid a salary in SSP which is equivalent to less than 600 USD while foreign workers get paid over 2000 USD.

“The company is doing discrimination based on nationality but we are doing the same job,” he claimed.

The company was not immediately available to comment as the Human Resource Manager Yu Ming did not answer our calls.

The operations manager, Deng Nan also did not pick our calls by press time.

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