Pakwach district allocates hospital land to units

By Jurugo Emmanuel Ogasto

 Pakwach district council has approved the allocation of funds under the natural resources department towards the processing of land acres for hosting its administrative units and the main hospital.

The fund allocation was part of the Discretionary Development Grant meant for development purposes targeting infrastructure at the district and lower local governments.

UGX 774, 361, 000 million would be used for the fast tracking of acquisition of land title for 8 acres as administration block and the remaining 28 acres for hospital land all at Kapita cell where both institutions were situated.

Officials said the move would protect the district land against encroaches and community members who had already started showing interest.

While seeking approval of the district budget and work plan from the councilors, Mr. Robert Omito Steen, the Pakwach district chairman explained that the decision was in harmony with local government act (Cap 243) Section 17 which gave the district executive mandate to initiate and formulate policies for approval of council.

“As a government institution will not consume much funds and prioritizing its quick titling will enable us to proceed with the establishment of Ongom Lacana hospital that the president has already endorsed,” Omito stressed.

He added that, land acquisition for development projects by governments, private investors and land speculators has been a critical source of tension and conflicts in many parts of the country.

The 1998 land Act refers to the land title as one of the fundamental instruments to show proof of land ownership in Uganda. The Pakwach district land was allocated by the community in the 1960s and was previously used as a military detachment by the army.

Mr. Mike Okethwengwu, the Pakwach town council councilor urged the district to expedite the process of demarcating and surveying the land as well as considering plans to purchase more for future projects.

The councilors were hopeful that in the financial year 2021-2022, the process would have been concluded with valid land title bearing block number, blue page and encumbrance page.

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