Pakam Community condemns Western Lakes State attack

By: Wek Atak Kacjang

Pakam Community Association in Juba has strongly condemned the recent intra-communal violence that led to the loss of 70 innocent lives.

Addressing the media yesterday, Deputy Secretary General of Pakam Community Association, William Deng Chol said the unprecedented senseless fighting that has shaken the legacy of the Pakam community was uncalled for.

He said the people of Pakam community were known for peace and have never fought among themselves to this extend.

“We express our grave concern for the level of lawlessness that has permeated the community of Pakam. The Association condemns in the strongest terms possible the killing of innocent people and the revenge killings that targeted innocent people and destroyed properties,” he said.

Chol stressed that everybody’s life counts and no innocent person should ever be held accountable for the mistake of their kin as is the predominant attitude.

He appealed to all armed youth engaged in the senseless fighting to refrain from taking law into their hands.

 “All politicians and activists on social media should positively engage to realize peace in the area,” Chol asserted.  

The Pakam in Juba acknowledged the efforts taken by Western Lakes Government to calm down the situation as well the ICRC for lifting the wounded people to Rumbek Hospital.

 “We call on the national government to support Western Lakes Government to deal with the security gaps especially the issue of capacity of judiciary and law enforcement agencies as delay justice has been cited as one of the reasons for revenge attacks,” Chol said.

He urged the state government to investigate the root cause of the horrific event so as to apply maximum accountability in order to avoid the circle of violence.

The Association urged the stakeholders to thoroughly analyze the root cause of the communal violence in the area and propose immediate solutions to restore peace in Rumbek north counties.

Daniel Deng Monydit, Member of Parliament representing Rumbek North in the national assembly said it was sad for him as an elderly person to witness senseless fighting among the youth from the community.

He said they were supposed to focus on development instead of fighting each other.

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