Painful as it is, the pope has cancelled his visit

Some two months ago, the high priest in the catholic world Pope Francis announced his intention to visit us in the month of October some four months away. Every part of the country went happy expecting the day the pontiff will touch down and step in to this wonderful ground. Expectation remained high not only here but also the region and the continent. Far away some senior clergy of the catholic faith were arranging how to come to Juba if not visit the whole country during this occasion. Far too good until the news came like a tsunami or torrential rain. The pontiff was not coming to visit us due to insecurity or what Papal’s Vatican call security concern. Sometime we get lost when a simple word is used to mean a very serious issue. The Pope is having his own institution with a government in place. The Pope has representatives all over the world representing the interest of the Vatican. This alone, as my thought, was thinking of me, was enough for Vatican in Rome to have known well in advance and even a year before, the political and insecurity situation as they want the world to believe, before, giving the big man greenlight to echo his intention. This is one man who can tell who is who in the world the good and the bad on his/her face. The Pope is powerful indeed that issues of insecurity could have been in his attention long time ago. We do not doubt the intelligence of the Rome, yes there is insecurity, but still there are people who are living here. Who is mad enough to harm the man of God whose visit is to bring us prayers of peace which we have been longing for abundantly? Who is out of his mind that can rightly reject the man of God’s visit in the name of insecurity at this time when the National Dialogue has been jump-started for the whole country to bring peace among all communities? As if SaTP who was still occupied with the home to town parcel issues, read my mind, he retorted at me that he was not sure the reason(s) given was reason(s) enough to stop the Papal visit. His thought at this time, was that some people were opposed and working so had to ensure that only negative reports were passed to the world-over nothing positive. These are the people who believe that nothing good can come out of the country and negatively wherever they are to gain foreign attention instead of helping restore peace in the country. For a minute SaTP forgot about his parcel and was engaged in castigating the negative foreign force and with a shout to the top of his voice “they will not succeed”. Painfully we have missed the Pope’s peace prayers.

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

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