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Over Twentycivil society groups trained on constitutional making process

civil society members

By Tereza Jeremiah Chuei

At least twenty-eight civil society members were trained yesterday on the constitutional making process in Torit Eastern Equatoria State (EES).

The two days training aims at offering people knowledge and skills to understand the constitution and know where they can have voices and to the implementation of the ongoing peace process.

Speaking during the program, the executive director for Humanity and Community Empowerment Organization, GizamMosessaid that “we need people to know and understand the critical chapters of the constitution for an instant the chapter 3 and 6, and to make people own it and make a people-driven constitution,”

While according to the Chairperson for Civil Society Network in EES Charles OnenLok, there is a need for civil society to disseminate and interpret the constitutions to the grass root people.

“We know government is doing its part however we need to skill ourselves to supplement to what they are doing mainly when it comes to disseminating the constitution and interpreting it to our people in the grassroots,” he said.

On her part, the Executive Director for ItwakWomen Empowerment OrganizationDavidikaIkaisaid that, “Advocating needs a lot of planning, budget and also know who you are targeting,it’s not about waking up in the morning and say am going for advocate no,”

She added that advocacy also needs transparency so that people don’t have high expectations rather understand the actual message that you are passing or that you need to pass.

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