Over Twenty Female Advocates trained on Media Laws

By John Agok

Twenty three female advocates have been trained on media laws at the premises of Association of Media Development in South Sudan (AMDISS).

The two day seminars enlightening twenty three (23) female Advocates in Media Laws: Under the theme: Media Laws and observe 4Ps, Promotes, Protects, Prosecutes and Prevent.

Speaking during the two days event, Mary Ajith the chairperson of (AMDISS) applauded the efforts of female advocates for turning up to learn specifically media laws so that they can support females journalists when caught up between the crossroad of the laws and when they are practicing their media professions.

“I am very thankful for our female advocates for coming to attend this two day seminars and I am confident that, they will learn specifically on Media laws so that they can support our females journalists when practicising their media profession,” she explained.

Meanwhile, a participant advocate Lona Roman reiterated that Media laws are of fundamental under the international laws and in our constitutional laws of South Sudan.

 “We are today as advocates echoing our voices to all journalists to know that they have rights and freedom of expression as it is embodied into article 24 of our constitution, and they should continue to exercise their rights without fear. If there is any interference by any institutions in undermining their rights, they should report to us as advocates in order to defend them by applying the four principles of protection, promotes, prevent and prosecutes,” she concluded.

Justice James Alala Deng (PHD) was behind the training of all advocates seminars on media laws for judges to be enlightened on Media Laws and defend media practitioners when caught up between the laws.

 He revealed that, media play a curtail role in persuading decisions making in modern society, but there is   someone who defined Media Laws “as a branch of law that consists of a system of legal norms that regulate the activities of the mass media.

“It examines the limits within which media outlets and journalists can operate”, according to Cheyenne Mackay.

In Previous Months it was reported that a Judge denied Media Laws effectiveness, saying that the President of the Republic signed Media Laws by mistake”,  and he sentenced journalist to one year in prison using panel code which contravene Media laws.

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