Over hundred students trained on basic health skills

By Hassan Arun Cosmas-Yei.

At least one hundred and ten(110) students were trained on health skills in Yei-River County of Central Equatoria State on Monday this week. The training was organized by Action Africa Help, AAH.

Speaking to the media yesterday, Action Africa Help Information and Communication officer, Pitiya Silliman Loro said that the training aimed at ensuring that students were given knowledge on health in order to live healthy lives.

“Training school children will lead to health promotion at school, home and communities as they will be ambassadors to disseminate the knowledge to the communities. I believe that building the capacity of students on basic health tips will enable them to live healthy lives and improve the academic performance in their careers,” Loro said.

He added that the training would help students to practice healthy living in schools, homes and communities.

“We realized that schools are the largest communities that we have and if the capacity of the students is built on the basic health tips, they will be able to attend classes on daily basis and improve their academic performance in their careers,” he said.

He revealed that the other objective of the training was the establishment of structures that would promote basic health practices in schools.

Meanwhile, Betty Bayo, a student ofNehemiahAcademy revealed that Yei had poor health facilities and promised to extend the knowledge to the rest of her fellow students.

Isaac Zukangu appreciatedAction Africa Help for imparting health knowledge to school health club members to promote proper health and hygiene.

He promised to impart the knowledge to the schools which did not attend the training.

“Yei has a poor health system and I believe that the training given to the school health club members will help promote good health practices in the schools and students can be able to imitate the practice in the school and take it to their communities,” he said.

He added that South Sudanese were suffering fromdiseases like malaria, typhoid and diarrhoea because they were not trained or educated on the basic health procedures and principles.

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