Over elven thousands households displaced in Lakes State.

By Mabor Riak Magok

Flood has displaced over 11,365 households and destroyed crops in Lakes State. The Director for Relief and Rehabilitation Commission in Lakes state, Nikinora Makuer Nyinde confirmed.

Speaking to Juba monitor, Makuer said the total number of people displaced by flood is higher in most areas of Amongpiny, Malek, Pacong, Paloc, Aduel and Cueibet in Lakes State.

“Yes, we have actually received a report of flooding from counties,” said Makuer.

He said the eleven plus households are affected and all crops in the villages of Amongpiny and Malek Payams have been submerged by water.

He said the situation on the ground is worse and need immediate humanitarian intervention so as to save the life of people who are currently suffering from hunger and colds.

“The displacement is very bad but now people have move away from the affected places to a higher grounds”.

So we have actually documented all the details of displacement and destruction of crops and presented them to the office of Chairperson of South Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (SSRRC) in Juba,” said Makuer.

He said the committee was form to make assessment of the displaced community by flood in the State.

“We have formed assessment committee. These people are outside now to assess the level of displacement and destruction of crops,” he said.

He warns that the road connecting Bahr El Ghazal to Juba may cut off from the capital Juba and repercussions will be soon felt in the State for the fact that the Eastern road from Yirol to Rumbek is heavily flooded.

“It is only the main road that is not crossed by water. But the bridge is not yet destroyed by flood,’’ said Makuer.

He appealed to the Government and NGOS for humanitarian intervention in order to assist displaced communities in the State.

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