Over 95 percent of SPLA-IO back home

Governor Tobiolo Alberio Oromo- Torit State file photo

By Thomas Lodovico Oryem

Torit State governor Tobiolo Alberio Oromo said an estimated percentage of ninety-nine of the SPLA-IO loyal to Dr. Riek Machar has returned home since the national dialogue was launched.

“Majority of the SPLA-IO fighters who used to cause insecurity in Torit state have joined the state government in search for peace and only few of them are still resisting the amnesty,” Mr. Oromo said.

He made the statement during the opening of the second session of Torit State Transitional Legislative Assembly on Monday after three months of recess.

“I would like to thank the security agencies, the state members of parliament and the entire citizens of Torit state for their co-operation in curbing conflict in the area,” Mr. Oromo said.

Mr. Oromo said those who were civil servants had been reinstated in their respective places of work, adding that those who wanted to be in the army had been assembled at cantonment area in Magwi County.

However, governor Oromo warned of any illegal cantonment area in the state. “There are some illegal tribal cantonment areas created by some politicians within Torit and Juba,” Oromo said.

He insisted that Magwi was the only recognized SPLA-IO cantonment area in Torit State.

Mr. Oromo urged the MPs, the executive and the entire people of Torit state to support President Salva Kiir in his search for lasting peace in the country.

The opening of the second session of the State Legislative Assembly was attended by the three arms of the government, United Nations agencies, international and national Non-governmental Organizations and other stakeholders.

The claim Juba monitor could not independently verify.

Tobiolo nevertheless, lamented the abduction of 8 children, killing of one person and the 3 injured people in Torit west few months ago. He assured the general public of government readiness in protecting children of the state and engage the Monyomiji (a ruling age group in Otuho Language) Torit West County to support government’s effort in protecting their children from the abductors as it has already put a plan to establish the anti-child abduction force and their work will be coordinating with Boma state for the return of the abducted children.

Tobiolo added that the issue of the presence of cattle in Pageri and Magwi counties has been solved by his government and hoping the locals will be producing enough food that will chase hunger away from the state.

The claimed was not yet confirmed by the SPLA-IO groups.











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