Over 90 injuries in PoCs violence

By Peter Gatkuoth

At least 94 people had been injured in the Protection of Civilian site (PoCs) three in Juba during the violence that erupted last Thursday.

Speaking to the Juba Monitor yesterday, the executive Director for Organization for Peace and Development Agency, Ruot George Wal, said the problem started as individual disagreement over memory card and expanded it to communal as people  got divided into groups. “We are trying as organization to tell them to use nonviolent means to solve their problems; it is unfortunate that 94 people certainly got injured due to the senseless violence. They are currently in IMC clinic in the camp and other are takes to Juba teaching hospital,”  Wal Said.

Wal added that people are expect to live in peace as there was no need for violent, saying the IDPs were supposed to come together and reconcile to one another. He said with the situation of the coronavirus the United Nation police were not available to contain the situation and humanitarian workers had suspended their operation.

“The humanitarian organizations operating in camp suspended their activities as result of four days violent, there is no water since on Thursday and people were receiving the plastic sheet and receiving their food ratios.

Goak Diang , Camp Management Committee (CMC) security coordinator said they were selecting the team from various communities to talk to their fellow and sit down without caring their sticks, spears and knifes.

He reiterated that there was nothing important than living in peace because the internal displaced persons comes to the United Nation Protection of civilian site due 2013 conflict.

“We are trying by all mean to contain the violent so that people can live in peace together, as community I appeal to them to accept peace among themselves, reconcile and forgive one another,” Diang explained.

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