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Over 850 people graduate in load course

By Hassan Arun Cosmas

At least one thousand Women graduated in Yei -River for load course training.

On Friday, Women expressed their gratitude to the Women for Women organization for giving them a course to gain new skills.

 Annan Viola John thanks the women for women’s organizations for the knowledge imparted. Adding that She calls for support from partners and the Women for Women Organization with starting capital and tools to have the skills in the use and improve on the standard of living.

“I previously didn’t know how to conduct business but this training has helped change my life, especially on how to economize my way of spending the money, my urge to spend money anyhow, for example when I get fifty South Sudanese pounds to spend it all but after the training, I can use some of the money I get and keep the other one. So, what am not happy about is that I want to start a salon business but it requires capital to start it which I don’t have. If there are other organizations that work on women’s issues, they should help us to start a business,” she appeals.

DorukaDure, a mother of eight children, appreciates the women for women organizations with the knowledge gained.

She explains that it has made her capable to put food on the table and save money that pays her children’s school fees.

Dure asks fellow women to join the training by the women for women organization to improve on their status and regain resilience from the effect of the war in the country.

Women for women is on programs with funding from the European Union in greater Yei counties of Lainya, Morobo and Yei for thirty months to enroll women by course load.

The women were enrolled in March 2021 and graduated in various centers in Jansuk with 200, Sobe 180, Jigomoni 200, and 100 people from Kondeko respectively.

Graduation for over 300 men enrolled in the same project is underway, explains Abure Moses of women for women on Tuesday.

The students were trained on Business management, Sanitation and hygiene, family planning, and many topics incorporated.

The organization’s country director Marianne YayiKajokaya mentioned that the organization will be enrolling girls from 16-17 years for one year in the same program to build capacity.

“We want to start girls programs for 16-17 years old ladies but only those who dropped out from schools because of conditions and are not able to continue with education but it should not encourage the school going girls to drop out and join this training but it should only be those that dropped out with conditions and went for marriage and are unable to sustain themselves,” The women for women Country director advises.

The graduation for women by the Women for Women international organization is entering its fourth stage in SobeCentre of Yei River County of Central Equatoria State.

Among the graduates, seven hundred are females while three hundred fifty are males

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