Over 700 SSPDF forces dispatched for training centre

By: Kabaka Quintos

At least 701 SSPDF forces have been dispatched to training centre in Owinykibul by Torit State government.

The SSPDF division Seven were assembled at Torit state main military barrack before their departure to the training centre.

Speaking while addressing the forces in Torit, Maj. Gen Victor Odong commander for Division seven said the unified forces would help pave way for peace to prevail in the Country.

Odong added that the mandate of South Sudan People’s Defence Forces is to protect lives and properties of civilians.

“During our struggle that we started in our time, we started far to see the last integration in South Sudan, this is the last integration and no any south Sudanese should go back to war again,” Gen Odong.

He warned that anyone who violates the integration process will be held accountable.

“So if there is anybody who violates this integration, nobody should fight again with one another, this issue is a general issue to all South Sudanese, if anyone fight you before you should unite and reconcile and be together, we don’t want to hear revenge to one who does before”, he told the forces.

Meanwhile Brig. Gen Weiu Akoon Wieu for Brigade three commander Torit state urged forces to forget their differences and embrace peace and reconciliation.

“We see your energy unifying force, you are going to combine together with SPLM-IO staying there is not a bad thing, its unifying forces, unifying forces is based on the agreement, our mandate of SSPDF is to protect civilians and their property,” said  Akoon.

Gen Akoon advised the forces to listen to their trainers.

“You will listen well, discipline will remain in place, army will always be there for the country, this thing is very important when you reach there don’t differentiate this one is from the other side, we are all south Sudanese”, he advised.

On the 4th of January 2020 , SPLA-IO and SSOA in Achwa, Irube, Nyara cantonments in Torit state and Lowareng/Loyoro cantonment in Kapoeta state sent forces to Owinykibul and are now combined to get training together.

The team leader of the AJMCC told Juba Monitor over the weekend that forces were to start training this Monday (yesterday) and the duration for their training would be decided by the Joint defence board or JDB and JMCC in Juba.

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