Over 70 aids workers vacated Pibor

By: William Madouk Garang

The controversy surrounding the aid workers and Greater Pibor Administration Area (GPAA) youth has seen at least over 70 national aids workers evacuated from work station in Pibor to Bor for their safety.

Yesterday, the youth in Greater Pibor Administrative Area (GPAA) gave aids workers two days ultimatum to vacate the area because they failed to abide to 80% job allotment to the locals as well as accused non-governmental organization for sexually exploiting young girls and women to get recruited.

“The below mentioned organization are set to vacate their staff with immediate effects, exception of international staff while Livewell must go for good and we don’t want to see their existence in GPAA. Any failure to do so, we shall take violence ways for them to leave Pibor,” read parts of statement.

Confirming this to Juba Monitor yesterday, the GPAA minister of Information, Jay Adingor Aluel said that the aid workers had yesterday vacated the area after a youth gave them a 72 hours ultimatum to vacate the area while talks were being carried out to address the issue.

“As we speak, there is no any attack or any human threatening that was reported but because of the threat that was written to them in a letter by youth to vacate the area that’s why they vacated for their safety, ”Aluel said.

“About 78 national staff who work with difference NGOs were evacuated yesterday but as of today we become serious on issue we have tried to talk with youth and also NGOs to remains in the area so now they stop evacuation and hopefully thing might work well tomorrow (today),” he added.

He also added that chief administrator would return to Pibor today and would hold a meeting with youth and elders to bring the stalemate to end so that humanitarian agencies would continue to assist vulnerable people such as children, elderly and people with special needs.

“As for sexual exploitation it’s just an allegation we will ask them to provide us with evident that they alleged had happened after it is been confirmed that’s where we will have a say,” he reiterated.

Aluel stressed that every south Sudanese national has right to work everywhere based of level of their competency and education. He also added that 80% doesn’t not mean it should only the local without other nationals but it should not be taken advantages by other nationals.

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