Over 600 families receive medication in Nyuwa

By Kidega Livingstone

More than 600 communities of Nyuwa in Jebel Ladu have received medical treatment from Canada and Egypt faith Based Organizations.

The two groups of faith based Societies in collaboration with Missionary of Mary Immaculate of St. Francis Nyuwa conducted cultural activities and medical camps in order to benefit the communities in the area.

The Priest of St. Francis Nyuwa of Missionary of Mary Immaculate, Fr. Jaya Prakash said the two groups also did medical camp in which the communities received medicines for various sicknesses like malaria, typhoid and vitamins.

“They have been given all treatments except surgeries because eleven people their teeth have been removed. One group conducted cultural activities like kits drama and song about the life of Jesus Christ,” said Prakash.

He said the groups wanted to give hope of lives to the people affected by the civil war.

“The communities were happy because they realized that nobody has abandoned them because it was the first them to receive such help from Canada and Egypt people,” said Prakash.

He said the groups also distributed T-shirts and scholastic materials to the children in the nearby church as well as toilet articles.

In his part, the head of the group Dr.D.Nasser said that medical assistance came from the people of Egypt to support the needy in Jebel Ladu.

He said they would work collectively with the Missionary of Mary Immaculate to make sure that such support continues and reach vulnerable communities at the grass root level.

Rose Ladu, one of the community members said, “We depend on the local medicine because of the long distance to Juba hospital. Now this people came and gave medicine that will help us. We want them to continue helping us,” said Rose.

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