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Over 52 convicted for involvement in commercial sex

By Morris Dogga

At least 52 people have been convicted in Kator court for their involvement in commercial sex practice in Juba.

Last week, Juba City Council Authorities launched a crackdown on commercial sex workers-a practice the city council officials said was against the cultural norms of the people of South Sudan.

Over 200 were arrested during the crackdown; some were subjected to HIV test.

Nhial Majak, the Juba City Deputy Mayor told Juba Monitor on Phone yesterday that over 127 people have initially appeared before the court but only the 52 were convicted for charges ranging from illegal commercial sex practice which is promotion of prostitution.

According to Majak, those who were convicted included the landlords whose plots were being used as brothels.

“These were criminals engaging in commercial sex activities. They are infecting the most ignorant people who were not sensitized about sex education,” Majak decried.

As of yesterday, Majak said at least “seven were taken to the court and these seven were HIV positive.”

“The people who were caught in the act were prostitutes and people engaging in the business that promotes prostitution, or people who own property in which prostitution is carried out,” he said.

However, reports reaching Juba Monitor Newspaper alleges that some of the security forces involved in the crackdown were bribed by the victims themselves-an allegation Majak strongly dismissed.

“How possible is it for somebody to bribe people so that we cannot crackdown their places and yet I am with the people during the crackdown? There is no one individual officer working alone in isolation,” he emphasized.

According to the Deputy Mayor, these were merely stories concocted by irrelevant people. “It is just fabricating,” he added.

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