A foot for thought

Over 500 South Sudanese in Libya’s bush

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

According to the report published in the newspaper yesterday that over 500 youth of South Sudanese were found Libya bush on Monday. The information continued to echo that those refugees wanted to come back to the country.

It was sad news to hear that some of our brothers and sisters were suffering in Libya bush for the reason that they were looking for safety. However, they were forced to that condition because of insecurity situation in the country.  They thought they were looking for safety but they found themselves in critical condition.  Government could find ways of bring those youth back as they wanted to come to the country.  They are the future of this country, we need to get ways of helping them and facilitate their movement, together with the support of International Organizations working for refugees in the world.

In such situation, we look for the positive aspect than complaining about what had happened to them.  Many people migrated from their countries to other nations; they reached well and achieved their goals, others didn’t achieve.

I wish Libyan government would be the first people to support them because those refugees were found in their country.  Based on the data of these youth, the population is big; government need to intervene and facilitate their movement.

How they organized themselves to move was not big reason to be asked at the moment.  It had happened due to the situation where they were in.To end such challenges, is to have total peace in the country.  We cannot allow our own people to die in the bush in another country.  Moving in big number has advantages and disadvantages.  Of course the goal was to succeed for the mission which they didn’t reach to the last destination.

Moving without a good plan sometimes brings misfortunate to the country and community.

Therefore, action should be taken immediately to rescue them. 

May God bless us all.

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