Over 500 machine guns collected in Tonj

By Wek Atak Kacjang

At least 504 AK-47 were handed to South Sudan People’s Defence Force (SSPDF) by the civilians.

William Wol Mayom, Tonj State Information Minster said the guns were handed to the SSPDF last Sunday.

He said since the beginning of the disarmament more than 2000 arms had been collected in the area by the SSPDF.

“There have been multiple issues regarding guns that cost people their lives and harms to others. It is absolutely reasonable that anyone who has guns must be disarmed because gun can kill and take innocent lives,” Mayom said.

The officials said community in the area were happy with the ongoing exercise because this has improved security in the state.


He added that children and youth living in conflict areas always feel their lives at risk as a result they depend on guns to solve problems.

“Exposure to gun violence also can desensitize youth to the effects of violence and increase the chance that they will use violence as a means of resolving problems or expressing emotions,” Mayom said.

“We want to empower and work together and challenge negative values. They can begin to change the culture of violence and reduce community widespread fear,” he added.

Mayom noted that this change would take time to be realised and encouraged the communities to be concerned of their safety.

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