Over 50 Youth participate in the peace building concert

By Tereza Jeremiah Chuei

The Young Women Christian Associations (YWCA) of South Sudan conducted a peace concert event yesterday where at least 60 young women participated with aim of ensuring the safety and security of civilians in Juba City, especially women and girls.

The aim was to enable them to celebrate women and youth key achievements of the year and to appeal to the government as well to fully implement the R-ARCSS with the full participation of women under the theme ‘Enhancing Women and Youth participation in inclusive Peacebuilding.

Speaking during the event, Mary Fatiya Joseph, Director of YWCA, explained that peace starts from the individual’s heart and therefore there is a need to accept peace within oneself to promote peace within the Country.

“Where does peace start from, well according to me it starts from the heart, so we are here for peace concert and therefore we need to have peace within us, with our neighbours, friends, and communities as well, so let protect our country through promoting peace and through contributing positively in our communities,” she said.

She added that YWCA trains young women to say ‘yes to peace and no to war’ to promote peace in their communities and in the world in general.

“YWCA aim is to promote women and train them to say no to war but yes to peace within our communities and in the world in general, while we also give space to everyone regardless of where you come from as an individual,” she added.

However, she added that the peace concert goal was to enhance the capacities of the young women and girls to promote and protect their rights, and their participation in the peace process as well.

She further said that YWCA organized the event with the support of OXFAM South Sudan, Y-Global and the Government of the Netherlands. 

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