Over 50 stolen cattle returned to Kuda Payam

By Wek Atak Kacjang

More than 50 stolen cows and 10 goats have been returned to their owners in Kuda Payam, Central Equatoria State.

Last year, a fighting occurred between two sections of cattle raiders in Terkeka County.

Speaking to the Press yesterday during the handover of the stolen cattle to their owners, James Lako Gai, the Chairperson of the Committee said that an agreement had been reached on resolving disputes and to bring peaceful coexistence between the two sections of Mundari community.

“As we witness Mundari from Kuda communities handing over 51 cows and 10 goats to mark the end of violence between the two communities, we want to make sure that the perpetrators are brought before the law and the right procedures must be followed in order to prevent such tragic criminal acts, in the future again,” Lako said.

Last year, more than 50 people were reportedly killed and scores injured during days of inter-communal clashes between rival pastoralist sections in Terkeka County.

The two sections of Mundari Kobura and Mundari Yangwara had misunderstandings which resulted to the clashes.

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