Over 50 people killed, 70 wounded in Gok state

Over 50 people are dead and more than 70 others wounded on both side during intra-communal revenge attack against Ayiel section inside the state capital, Cuei-bet County, Gok State Police Commissioner, Azuma Mangar confirmed yesterday.

The fierce clash occurred on Saturday at 6:00 am in the morning and ended at around 2:00 pm in the afternoon.

The attack  was carried out by armed groups comprising of Waat, Kongor and Pagok and another fighting which claimed 13 people lived was between Panyar and Ruodruod sections, North of Gok State.

In an interview with Juba Monitor, the police commissioner of Gok State, Azuma Mangar said that the fighting among these communities erupted in the Southern and Northern part of the state capital.

“The number of casualties on both side is high and as per now the exact number is not yet clear,” said the police commissioner, Azum Mangar.

He said, the state government has just received reinforcement of soldiers from brigade 3 of division six in Rumbek to restore calm and order in Cuei-bet state capital.

He said, a good number of people sustaining serious wounds and have been rushed to Western Lakes state hospital for treatment while others are being locally treated in the remote villages.

He said, there were 3 people who have been reported to have died in the Western Lakes State hospital

Samuel Mabor , a youth member from Waat Adol said that the number of killed on both side is over 50 people and 70 wounded during the clashes and the armed Youth of Waat, Kongor and Pagok are still controlling parts of the state capital.

“The armed Youth are still on the Northern part where they burned down many houses and looted properties,” said Samuel Mabor

Mabor expressed fears and warning of further confrontation if the government does not intervene to reinforce more SPLA Military soldiers to avert another looming reorganization of the armed youth to attack each other again.

“These armed youth are just resting now to mobilize themselves and get bullets to resume the fighting,” said Mabor in a statement.

The chairperson of Gok community, Samuel Wil Machiek condemned the tragedy of intra-communal revenge attacks, killing and the ongoing confrontation among the armed Youth in Gok State.

The Chairperson of the community, Samuel Wil said that the cause was lack of good governance and the released of culprits who were under the custody since 2016 by the state government.

Machiek appeals to the armed youth on both sides to refrain from such deadly fighting and killing and urged them to remain calm without taking the law into their hands by revenging

By Mabor Riak Magok




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