Over 50 people died of oil pollution

By Tereza Jeremiah Chuei

At least 56 people died a few weeks ago reportedly fromthe pollution caused by oil explosion and flood in Ayod County.

Speaking during parliamentary sitting yesterday, the MP representing Ayod, GatkuothWatJoar called for urgent intervention for the people in Padhil payam and Loyir Boma of Ayod, County in Jonglei State.

“Women and children would feel the symptom of diarrhea and later on led to their death, because of the side effects of the explosion of the petroleum. WeMPs of Ayod are requesting your leadership (Speaker of parliament) to intervene and treat this as an urgent matter and help the people of Ayod out of this misery,” he said.

He added that the increase of death in Padhil Payam was due to flooding and oil mixing up with water, where the animals and humansare drinking which had caused diarrhea and later death.

“Padhil payam  covered flood right now which resulted in water and oil  being  mixed causing  residents to get diarrhea,this has also affected animal,since most of the resident are not aware of what is happening which led to death “he added.

He said that the incident in Ayod county was oilexplosioncause, some’ years back petroleum was discovered in Ayod, in the time of war in 2013.

 He revealed that before the oil company operating in the area left due to conflicts, there were no dangers to the area population.

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