Over 50 participant trained on community dialogue

By Wek Atak Kacjang

More than 50 participants have been trained on community dialogue in Gudele to help transform and understand building trust among people who often opposing political, social and religious views in their community.

On Saturday, the community Initiative for Sustainable Peace Organization organized community dialogue training to equip community with knowledge on how society will be living in peaceful coexistence.

Executive Director for CISPO, Francis Woja Wani  said community dialogue is very important communication tools that allows people to understand other viewpoints without pitting themselves against perspective.

“The organization has identified people exactly some of them are vulnerable that needs a lot of support. The achievement of CISPO since the time of coronavirus pandemic, we have distributed pieces of soap, hand sensitized as well awareness of social distance. He added that his organization planned to work hard to identify partners to work together in the area of conflict resolution and peace building as well Gender Base Violence (GBV).”

The Chair of board of Community Initiative for Sustainable peace Organization, Samson Pitia John said the aimed of the workshop is to bring peace among the community

“We want to move forward so that the community will be in peace. We are doing locally in our own pocket there is no enough resource to move further places,” John said.

One of the participants, Annet Guo Taban appreciates organization for organizing the training on how to solve their problem in community.

“In fact woman in South Sudan have many thing to do especially on how to build relationship with other people among the community. I have learned more experience that change my life. Am doing work volunteer but in my brain I have many thing in my mind,” Guo said.

She added that she has acquired a lot of experience from Community initiative for sustainable peace organization on how one of them can be living peacefully in the family and how to solve their own problems.

She also appealed for the organization to continue conducting more training.

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