Over 50 medical students to benefit from scholarship

By Yiep Joseph

At least 50 medical students from University of Juba have received scholarship award from Lee TaeseokFoundation,South Koreaand Charity Foundation for Africa Catholic Mission, USA yesterday.

The ceremony was attended by government officials in Samani HallUniversity of Juba.

Speaking during the ceremony,the coordinator of the FoundationKimChoon, appreciated the attendance and promised to help more students in South Sudan.

“We gave this assistance to help students to concentrate on their studies free without stress of where to get tuition fees,” Kim said.

He appealed to the students to use the chance well and pass their exams in order to be good doctors.

“Doctors do not sleep, they read for long in order to have adequate knowledge,” he said.

Keep away from Facebook that may waste your time. He added.

One of the beneficiaries Francis Aguek Akuol,   appreciated Fr. Lee Foundation and the Ministry of HigherEducation for their work and promised that his colleagues will utilize the chance well.

Meanwhile the Minster forHigher Education Gabriel Changson Chang,welcomed the initiative and appreciated the University of Juba for working hand in hand with the Ministry in transforming society through education.

“The medical students who received the scholarship should commit themselves and work hard in order to complete their studies and help the country,” He said.

Changson further appreciated the University Administration and urged them to continue giving knowledge to the students that will later serve people.

He acknowledged the effort made by the Lee Foundation in improving health sector and other sectors in South Sudan.

“Fr. John Taeseok Lee sacrificed himself to live in South Sudan during those days to serve the people inSouth Sudan. He said,”

He encouraged the students to be proud and happy with the chance given to them by the foundation and use to help their societies and the country.

Fr.John Lee helped South Sudan in many areas such as education,health, food security among others. Fr. Lee was a doctor and a teacher at the same time. Changson said.

He appealed to the medical students to imitate the good work of John Lee and ProfessorJohn AkechPlus other people who are contributing to the development of the education sector.

“If you students imitate what Fr. John Lee has done, it will be a greathonor,” he said.

He cautioned students to refrain from regular use of Facebook that usually waste a lot of their time which is supposed to be for studies.

“Please students do not involve yourself in things such as taking alcohol and other toxic drugs that may divert your attention and spoiled your scholarship”. He cautioned.

Those who will be in our positions will be those who are educated, so focus well in your studies. He said.

Dr Barnaba Marial Benjamin appreciated the Lee foundation together with University Administration and encouraged the students to study hard and help the country particularly in the field of health.

He appreciated John Akech for having a plan of building a hall in the university of Juba with the name of Fr john lee.

During the ceremony, John Apurout Akech, vice Chancellor University of Juba appreciated the LeeFoundation and the Minster of Higher Education.

He encouraged students to work hard and achieve their dream.

“I heard many developmental projects done by Fr. Lee foundation to South Sudan and I will discuss with my administration to build a hall in the name of Father Lee for remembrance,” Akech said.

He acknowledged that the foundation is not only focusing on medical field but also help in the other field. Mr. Angelo Ajuong Aluong was helped by the LeeFoundation to study Information CommunicationTechnology (ICT).

This Angelo is now helping my administration in ID production and other related activities. He added.

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