Over 460,500 school girls to receive financial support

By Yiep Joseph/ Hassan Arun

A total of 460,545 girls between primary five(5) and senior four (4) across the country were approved on 15th of November to receive cash payment in their various schools.

Girls in candidate classes primary eight (8) and senior four (4) to receive a higher amount of SSP 8,400 to assist them in the lead-up to examinations. Girls in classes primary five (5), primary six (6), primary seven (7), Senior one (1), Senior two (2) and Senior three(3) to receive SSP 5,600.

GESS is an inclusive program under the Ministry of General Education and Instructions with support from UK aid from the UK Government and the Government of Canada through Global Affairs Canada with an aim of transforming lives of generation of children in South Sudan especially girls and those in the margins of society.

In the press statement that was avail to Juba Monitor, the cash transfer(money)should be directly paid to girls who regularly attend school to help them buy things they need, and contribute to poverty reduction in the family and the community.

“The pandemic has exacerbated previously existing inequalities. Children who were already most at risk of being excluded from a quality education have been most affected. The Cash Transfers aim to remove some of the financial and cultural barriers that are unique to girls, such as the cost of menstrual hygiene products, as well as discouraging early and unintended pregnancies, where there has been a significant rise since schools closed last year due to COVID-19.” GESS Team Leader, Akuja de Garang, narrated.

According to the GESS leader girls who have been approved for payment should receive the full amount of their Cash Transfer with no deductions,any attempt to take funds away from the girls, whether by teachers, officials, police, or anyone else, is a serious offence, and will be dealt with in an appropriate manner.

“While COVID-19 has been devasting for many girls and their families in South Sudan, and across the globe, including the worsening of the economic situation, GESS’ Cash Transfers will help to alleviate the financial burden and ensure that girls enroll and remain in school” part of the statement read.

According to the Schools’ Attendance Monitoring System (SAMS), Enrolment currently stands at 2.56 million children in South Sudan, 48.8% are girls, although enrolment levels have not yet reached pre-COVID-19 levels, the percentage of girls enrolled is a significant improvement on the number that was anticipated. At least fifty thousand school girls in Yei River County of central Equatoria State have already received financial assistance from girls’ education South Sudan to boost their education.

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