Over 400weapons collected in disarmament operations

By William Madouk Garang

Authorities in Warrap state announced that they have resumed civilian disarmament exercise and have collected 400 rifles and other types of guns within two days, this is according to state minister of Information, Ring Deng Ading.

The disarmament process came after nearly two years when the state authority called off disarmament following violence that had erupted out in July, 2020 which led to the death of 148 people.

Minister Ading told Juba Monitor via a phone interview that the security situation in the state was peaceful, and revealed that they have launched yet another phase of removing guns from the hands of civilians.

“The security in Warrap is calm. So far, the disarmament has been launched by the Governor of Warrap State, Gen. AleuAyieny,”Ading said.

“From yesterday [Monday] they have reported that they have collected 400 pieces of guns, rifles in two days and I don’t know how many will they receive again today [Tuesday],” he revealed.

He also urged the communities to voluntarily hand over the guns to the mandatory bodies -the law enforcement agencies such as the police and army and advised people to shun violence. 

In March 2022, the governor of Warrap State announced that his administration would carry out another phase of disarmament exercise in all state counties to combat persistent inter-communal fighting and cattle raiding in the area.

Gen. Ayienydirected the soldiers to respect their mandate and deal with any civilian who attempts to resist being disarmed to stop these senseless killings among themselves.

“We need to remove guns from the hands of every civilian so that if they want to fight, let them fight using their hands. Any civilian resisting disarmament, a soldier has the right to defend him or herself, if they refuse to hand over their guns, fight them,”Ayieny said inTonj South County in March 2022.

In July 2020, the SSPDF launched the process of removing guns from the hands of civilians in Tonj North County.It also targeted armed civilians in Lakes, Terekeka, Warrap, and Jonglei areas.

But the process was suspended after armed youths clashed with the disarmament unit in Luanyjang area. The intense fighting resulted in the death of over 120 soldiers and civilians.

Others were killed in Luanyjang County while some died when armed youths attacked military outposts in Romic at night.

He also encouraged the disarmament task force to exhibit the spirit of the liberation struggle that brought independence while disarming civilians.

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