Over 400 males circumcised in Jonglei State.

By Tereza Jeremiah Chuei

The Jonglei State government has circumcised 473 males in the ongoing campaign aimed at mitigating the risks of contracting the deadly HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases.

Atong Kuol Manyang Juuk, the state minister of Health said the men aged 15-49 underwent the procedure in the last three months.

On her Facebook page,she saidthat the above success was attributed to the community. This was why they were including the Community Support Initiative (CSI) to step in and continue to organizemeetings in which  the numbers were expected to rise.

“The above success is attributed to your efforts and currently, Community Support initiative (CSI) has stepped in and Organized a meeting that is doing mobilization so the numbers are expected to rise”. Atong Said

According to information minister, Panther Ajak, a clinical supervisor based at MalualChaat Military hospital said in  the past month they had managed to circumcise a good number of menfolk.

“For the last three (3) months we have managed to circumcise four hundred and thirty-seven (437) men aged 15 – 49,” he said.

Headded that theywere overwhelmed by the huge number of the youth that had turned up.

“We are overwhelmed by the huge number of {people} turn up which are about seventy(70) per day yet our limit is fifteen (15) {people} per a day, this confirm that Atong Kuol is working well and on the same notes the response from the youth were positive,” Panther stressed.

“We have also contracted Community support organization (CSO) who provides the Necessary services to the {people} such as transport to their respective location after the procedure.”

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