Over 400 fake certificates used by employees in the country

By Neema Juma

The government yesterday revealed that there are a lot of fake documents that are being used by the employees in the country and warned them against using unauthenticated documents.

Those who will be found or identified using forged documents would have their names released to the public and be prosecuted for the offense.

Speaking after the council ministers, the government spokesperson and of the Minister of Information and Telecommunication Michael MakueiLuethsaid that most documents that were taken for authentication at the Embassies in Uganda and Kenya had been disqualified and the “number is big”.

“In Uganda there are over 400 certificates, diplomas and degrees confiscated because of having been forged.”

He added that some of those buying academic papers or getting them through other means which are not officials had failed to deliver services in their respective offices and to the public.

“You will find someone holding a very high degree a PHD or Masters but when you give that person an assignment he/she cannot be able to deliver,”

Makue said that   after thorough deliberations, the cabinet was convinced and passed it for adoption.

“All those who will be found in possession of forged document their names will be released officially. Secondly they should be prosecuted before in courts, “he added.

According to resolutions that was passed for those people to be traced and arrested  the Ministry of General Education and Instruction and the Minister of higher Education, Science and Technology,together with the Ministry of Public service, had been directed   to come up with appropriate mechanism for the control and management of such situations.

“They have to come up with the mechanism for the identification of forged documents because it seems that there are group of people in the Universities and other institutions of learning that do hand over the certificates to people without attending any class”.

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