Over 400 fake certificate holders to appear in court

By BidaElly David

Over 400 fake certificate holders to are to appear in court soon to answer charges for the crime..

The national Minister of Higher Education, Science & Technology Gabriel Changson Lew Chang revealed that action followed in-depth investigations and the launching of  court cases against more than 400 South Sudanese citizens who had earlier been identified of holding fake academic documents from within and the neighbouring countries..

“We have identified 400 to 500 fake certificates in the country and their impact affects the quality of education. We have instituted legal against some of them and soon they will appear in court,” said Chang.

He further expressed concern over fake academic documents and said his ministry was working hand-in-hand with the ministry of general education to make sure that such cases were mitigated.

“The issue of fake certificates is a serious issue and we in the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology together with the Ministry of General Education and Instruction are working hand in hand to fight this practice,” he said.

“There are still other avenues that the fake certificates can enter the higher education; one of the ways is through the direct admission in the university. In the last year’s admission we detected 13 fake certificates and this year’s admission we had detected 15 which we referred to general education for scrutiny and to take action against those who are involved,’’ he added.

This came over as a result of the number of South Sudanese coming from other countries who were allegedly reported to be bearing fake academic documents in hand.

Speaking to the media earlier, theMinister of Information and Postal Services and Government Spokesman Michael Makuei Lueth said that 400 citizens had been caught red-handed with fake academic certificates ranging from diplomas to PhDs.

“These documents were disqualified and the number is big. In Uganda, there are over 400 people with fake certificates, diplomas, degrees, or even PhDs and master degrees,” Makuei told journalists following a cabinet meeting in January.

He added that all those who will be found in possession of forged documents wouldbe taken to court.

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