Over 400 eye patients receive treatment

By Deng Ghai Deng

At least 420eye patients have receivedfree treatment in BorJonglei State.

The eye Care Centre is run by a USbased non-profit organization called Partners in Compassionate Care.

A 70-year-oldThony Ayuelsaid she lost her vision about 5 years ago and she was excited to have received back her sight afterthe doctor removed cataracts from her eyes.

“I am happy to see again. Now I see can you, I’m looking at your teeth. I have been hearing that this condition can be treated but not here. But what can someone like me could do without money to travel to those countries where it can be treated? That is why I say God brought back our son from the US to come and help us. There is nothing more I can say; I am excited,” Ayuel said.

Mr. Ayuel said it was a privilege to have eye surgery services at home but urged her fellow patients to follow doctor’s advices after the operation.

“The doctors told me that, I should not do any heavy work especially carrying heavy things. So, I urged my fellow patients to adhere to these simple guidelines so that we maintain our vision,” She added.

Eighty-year-old patient Garang Ajuong Pach said he too was able to see again after successful surgery.

“Everything is in God hand my son. I didn’t know that I will be able to get a doctor to treat my eye condition because it is expensive to get,”Pach said.

Dr. Santino Malang who was hired by Partners in Compassionate Care to perform the operationssaid he successfully operated 17 patients on Thursday who are able to see again.

“We have operated 16 people yesterday and we have a list of about 19 today that we are going to start right away. Among the people that we have done already, we did the surgery yesterday and right now there are some people who are seeing very well. Some of them went home and some of them are walking alone today. I feel so grateful. If I talk about the eye clinic that we have opened on 6th this month, it’s the only eye static clinic with theater that is operational in Greater Upper Nile. So I feel happy, we are going to service so many people,” Malang expressed.

Doctor Malang urged the operated patients to maintain good hygiene and always keep their eyes clean to avoid further infections.

Deng Ajak Jongkuch, Executive Director for Partners in Compassionate Care, said the eye operations began this week and will continue until April 18th,Jongkuchsaid there was a real need for this kind of surgery in Bor after he met a blind woman in 2013.

“We went to Malek leprosy center. I took two American doctors there. There was one blind woman there. We went with Mary Aluel Nok-dit; when we introduced Mary Aluel Nok-dit, this blind woman started to cry saying ‘God why don’t you open my eyes so that I can see Aluel Nok-dit?’One of the American doctors went and checked her eyes and said that the woman can be treated,”Jongkuch said.

Jongkuch who stays in Midwestern state of Michigan with his family said he will go back to the U-S to solicit more funds from donors so that eye camp services are extended to other south Sudanese who are not able to access the eye camp in Bor.

This is a third time Partners in Compassionate Care conducted an eye camp in Bor after its successfully operated on more than 300 patients suffering from cataracts or trachoma in 2018 and 2019.

The non-profit was formed in 2004 by American David Bowman for the purpose of providing humanitarian health care to South Sudanese.

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