OVER 400, children in Mambe out of school

By Mandela Nelson Denis

Over 400 children in Mambe County of Maridi State are out of school because of lack of support to study.

The children are believed to have lost their parents and guardians during the 2016 fuel tankers fire incident in Maridi state.

Pastor Paul Zakaria Bago of Enlightened Christian Gathering visited Mambe County and narrated to Juba Monitor how the children were willing to go to school but lacked support.

Paul said that the children’s education fell apart after they lost their parents after the tanker’s fire accident.

“The fire incident left over 400 children scattered in both Mambe and Maridi looking for work to do in order to take care of themselves, the crisis has left Maridi dry and no one to support the children,” said Paul.

The children include both boys and girls who were schooling but after the fire incident they were left to wonder around Maridi seeking for ways of survival.

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