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Over 40 youth arrested after fighting in Bor


By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

At least forty three youth have been arrested in Bor yesterday following fighting over a lady at Thony area.

Last Friday evening and Saturday morning youth clashed at Thony area over a lady who was dating one of the youth in the area.

More than 19 people were injured in the fighting including the man who was in love with the lady.  Over 20 others were wounded in the incident.

Three chiefs of the area were also arrested to provide more information about the fighting. Those arrested were being held at Bor town modern police station.

Bor Town Police commander for night operations Major General Daniel Mabior stated that the chiefs were to look for those who participated in the fighting but remained at large.

“Those whom we have apprehended are now in the prison custody for investigation. But those who had left to the hiding must be provided by the chiefs of the area. This is the reason we have also held chiefs accountable,” said Mabior.

“They are now in Bor town modern police waiting for investigations. And those who are still missing are being looked for by the chiefs.  After all the case will be forwarded to the Attorney general for further clarity and review on the issue,” Mabior reiterated.

According to the police commissioner, the arrested chiefs belong to different clan sections in the area.

“The man who was in love with the lady suffered a terrible injury on the head. So there were 17 at first and now it has reached to 20 injuries recorded,” Mabior said.

He added that the case was to be properly investigated and the culprits will face the consequences.

“We are to properly handle this crisis with youth whether in cattle camp or towns. This fighting involved those of town and village. It needs full commitment in talking to them and giving proper description of how it happened. So we shall investigate and hold these people answerable,” he added.

He added that there was no justification for youth to clash over a lady while there were a lot of ladies in the area.

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