Over 40 people killed in Lakes State

By Mabor Riak Magok

About 40 people have been killed including three members of organized forces in Lakes State intra-communal fight.

The intra-communal fight which occurred on Saturday morning in Gun cattle camp was triggered when two elderly men were killed by unknown gunmen when they were found sleeping outside the compound at night.

Speaking to the press, Mabor Makuac, the police spokesperson of defunct Western Lakes State said at least 41 people have been confirmed dead and 60 others wounded in the intra-communal fight that erupted in Marialbek cattle camps.

“Our security situation this weekend has become volatile because we have been informed on Saturday morning that different sections of Agar community are fighting themselves and many more lives have been lost,” Elijah said.

He said they were yet to find out exactly the number of people that have been killed and those that got wounded.

He said, security personnel are investigating details by names to find the exact number of causalities of people killed in the clashes.

“The wounded are receiving treatment in three different locations, which include, Amongpiny, Paloch and Rumbek State hospital,” Elijah said.

“We are very proud of our partners, ICRC, UN and and other humanitarian organizations which stood in solidarity with us by responding positively in airlifting the most critical wounded people from Rumbek to Juba,” he added.

He denied the rumors that one of the communities have been using government heavy artilleries to fight their rivals.

“I can assure you that there is no tangible evidence which we obtained and we are still investigating it because we cannot just talk on blank,” Elijah said.

He said the organized forces have been sent to protect all the road users and places which are likely to be attacked by either of the community.

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