Over 3,000 houses affected by flood in Lakes State

By Mabor Riak

At least 3,933 households from three payams have been moved by the flood in Lakes State.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, The Deputy Chairperson for Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC) in Lakes State Adhuk Achol Geu said that, the number of households affected by flood were 3,933 houses with a total number of 19,655 individuals displaced and 304 households confirmed collapsed, Geu said.

“The displaced people have nowhere to sleep and they have no medicines and other essential basic necessities such as food and non-food items according to assessment we have made. Many cases of malaria have increased everywhere due to availability of waters making the condition of people displaced by flood worst. Dug wells and pit latrines have been submerged and destroyed by flood,”Geu said.

He added that the health cluster in Lakes State agreed to deliver some medicines to flood displaced community. In addition to this, the World Health Organization (WHO) had already delivered some medicines to the Public Health Care Units in Rumbek East County.

Meanwhile, The Deputy Governor of Lakes State, Poth Madit Dut said that the threat of natural disasters was high in Rumbek East, Awerialand Rumbek North counties in Lakes State.

However, the Minister for Cabinet Affairs in Lakes State Stephen Mathiang Deng said that Lakes State had experienced peace and there would be high demand for services for people returning to their own areas to cultivate.

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