Over 300 youths receive facemask in Northern Bahr el Ghazal State

By Elijah Akuei  Ajou  Ajou

More than 300 youths received facemasks in Northern Bahr Ghazal to prevent the spread of Covid-19 pandemic.

Yesterday, the donation was launched by Democracy International organization (DI) to help those vulnerable youths, who cannot afford the facemask,

Speaking to Juba Monitor on phone interview from Aweil Civil Engagement Center officer, Santino Bol Ajith said that the donation was to combat the spread of coronavirus.

Ajith said Covid-19 is real “ we are very happy today because over 300 youths have received the facemasks from our organization, democracy international which is standing to help youths during the Covid-19 period and our aim is to protect our people,” Ajith disclosed.

 One of the beneficiaries who received the facemask Mr. Peter Athian Kur who is a Data Analyst in Awiel Civil Engagement Center said they received 200 boxes of facemasks from Democracy International organization, he added.

He said the distribution of the facemask was a respond to the current pandemic outbreak to help as prevention measures of contacting the coronavirus.

Athain urged the media to keep on informing the public to adhere to the prevention measures because it is the responsibility to us and it is also a threat worldwide.

“As far as I know, we distributed the facemasks only in the town here because going to the villages is very hard, and I am worried for those who have not got the facemasks and how they can prevent this virus” Athain added.

However, one of the students at Awiel Institute of Health Science, Mary Adhat Garang said she was very happy with the civil society for giving Awiel Engagement Center facemasks.

“I and my colleagues, we have received our facemasks and we hope it will help us prevent this pandemic,” Adhat Added.

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