Over 300 families in dire need of aid in Jalle County

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

Bor County Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC) said 352 households and 2,096 individuals were in dire need of humanitarian aid in Jalle County of Jonglei State following the recent attack.

Jalle and Duk Payuel Counties were attacked by unknown armed men on the eve of the peace celebration in Juba leaving 15 people dead and 24 others wounded.

Jacob Mawut Ajak, Acting Bor County Coordinator for RRC told Juba Monitor on Saturday that the assessment carried out in Jalle alone focused on those whose cattle were raided.

“In the course of last week, RRC team from the county went to Jalle for an assessment. So we managed to identify 352 households with 2,096 individuals respectively. Thus, this is the number we have attained,” Mr Ajak said.

He appealed for immediate intervention from the national government and non-governmental organizations and partners in order to alleviate and bring to normal the deteriorating situation in the area.

The RRC Coordinator stressed that the population affected were mainly depending on the cattle as their livelihoods.

“This population was depending on the cattle. They were cattle keepers but since their cattle were raided, lives have become very difficult for them,” Mr Ajak said.

“Right now food is the main priority. They are at the moment in dire need of food and none food items (NFIs). Their condition is horribly based on our assessment,” he added

Mr. Ajak said they were unable to provide anything to the affected people as they did not have any food for relief in the state.

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