Over 30 security personnel trained on weapon management

By Yiep Joseph

Over 30security personnel were trained on how to manage weapons in their various units as a move to reduce misuse of weapons and arms proliferation in the hands of civilians.

The five-day training that started on Monday 6th of December and ended on 10th was organized by Regional Centre on Small Arms with support from Bonn International Centre for Conflict Studies (BICCS).

 The training brought together 30 security officials from various units such as the police, Internal security, Civil Defense unit among others.

In his closing remarks yesterday,Brig. Gen. Simon Christo Fataki, Director of Capacity Building and Institutional Development at the Regional Centre on Small Arms Controlurged all the participants to use the knowledge acquired to reduce arms proliferation in the hands of civilians. 

“I am urging all of you to use the knowledge acquired from the five days training to reduce arms proliferation in the hands of civilians in the country,” Fataki said.

Lt. Gen. Andrew Kuol Nyuon, the Chairperson of Bureau for Community Security and Small Arms Control called on the trainees to pass the knowledge acquired from the training to their colleagues at their various security units.

Major Jackline AnaniaLoful,one of the trainees said that the training had equipped them with necessary methods of handling weapons in the stores.

“The training had equipped us already with necessary knowledge, we have learned modern methods of handling stockpile and we shall apply the various skills in our different units,” Jackline said.

She called on the Regional Center on Small Arms and the head of various divisions to involve more women in trainings citing that some women perform well in military duties compare to some men.

“I am the only women now in this training. I have been complaining and since the training has ended today, I urged the regional partners and the head of various divisions to include more women in the training, some women can perform their duties better than some men in the Military duties,” she complained.

Major MarkoniAgoth,one of the participants appreciated the Regional Centre onSmall Arms Control and donors for their support.

He further called on the organizers to conduct more trainings in order to equip the security officials on how to manage weapons.

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