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Over 30 persons with disabilities receive cash support

By Hou Akot Hou

More than 30 persons with disabilities received monetary support from the International and National Humanity and Inclusion Organization.

The support is in form of money in the amount of 12, 200 SSP that is meant to help them access medical services, erect shelters, and other amenities.

 Adut Deng, who is a visually impaired woman at the age of 45, said that his sons have all gone to North Sudan and are living with a guardian who is also helpless.

“I am glad to have received this 12,000 SSP which I will use for food. I have also heard that people with eye diseases are being called to travel to the State’s hospital for cataracts or eye surgery as support from the Catholic Church. I will try to save some and go there as the services are free there” Adut explains.

Another beneficiary, Akol Dut who is in his 50s and is elderly, says life without a proper guardian is nightmarish.

“As I am talking to you, it is very upsetting seeing ourselves being looked at like people who are not useful to society, but we can give ideas. This support that the organization has started delivering is going to save the situation” He narrates.

Longar Kiir, a Counsellor who works for Humanity and Inclusion organization partners such as the World Hunger Hilfe, a German organization, said that they step in and provide the little funds like that 12,200 SSP we hope these people are not feeling neglected. Our target is to lobby for much bigger support to them apart from psychological support we give,”

He added that the Ministry of Gender and Social Welfare is responsible for recording and reporting their problems and is made aware of what is happening in the counties such as this one so that a durable solution such as a center is created for them.

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