Over 30 niggers arrested on Christmas day

By: Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

At least 31 niggers in total have been arrested from different parts of Juba city during the celebration of Christmas event.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday on the accounts of public disturbances during the Christmas occasion, Police Spokesperson Maj. Gen Daniel Justin said that though the general situation was peaceful, he affirmed that at least 31 gangsters were arrested.

“During this celebration, we have some minor crimes especially with niggers. On 24th, we arrested 27 niggers in Shirkat who were trying to make some public disorders. So we managed to arrest them,” he narrated.

Maj. Gen. Justin revealed that out of Shirkat incident, his administration was able to apprehend more other four niggers in Nyakuron areas.

“We have registered other minor accidents especially with niggers. They fought each other on Wednesday in Nyakuron whereby two of them were injured. But we managed to arrest four of them in total,” he said.

The Police Spokesperson said different congregations were able to go to various churches calmly since the forces were deployed all over the city.

He stated that the other incidences recorded in the City during the festive season were not limited to road accidents. 

“Three young men got injured on car accident where by one person broke his leg and all other two are admitted at Juba Teaching Hospital,” he said  

“The other case of niggers, one person was injured slightly. He was taken to the hospital and then released,” he said.

He said that their forces were on the ground and they will always respond to anything threatening public security upto the beginning of the year.

The other cases which were recorded are a case of suicide attempt in Nyakuron area and road accident. 

“We had suicide attempt on Wednesday in Nyakuron whereby somebody was about to commit suicide but he was rescued. He was taken to Juba Teaching Hospital. And we are still yet to investigate because he was unconscious,” he said.

The police spokesperson revealed that the arrested ones will be tried today in different localities in Juba city.

“The investigation is over. Tomorrow (today) they will be all taken to court in different localities. Those of Gudele will be tried differently and Gumbo-Shirkat.”

He appealed to the public to report any unlawful act that attempts to disturb public security, adding that they were always there to give the necessary assistance.  

“Our forces will be here up to 10th of January. The other forces will remain in their various deployment places. The aim is to maintain this situation of securing the town and beyond. So let us cooperate and help ourselves,” he said.

He concluded that whoever is disturbing public security will be dealt with by the court of law, citing that “we are on the ground and we will arrest the situation, open cases will be investigated and tried in the court.

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