Over 28 benefit from conflict management training

At least 28 members of Peace Committees for Conflict Prevention and Management were trained on sustainable conflict prevention and management in Rumbek.

The training was facilitated by Women’s Aids Vision (WAV) with support from Democracy International (DI).

In an interview with Juba Monitor, the Governance Project Officer, Akecam Mamer Thok-Gor, said the training is to enhance the participants’ skills to effectively contribute to conflict management in peace building, conflict prevention and management in Western Lakes state.

“This training will equip the 28 members of the Committee of Wulu and Rumbek Centre Counties with knowledge about conflict and techniques on how to manage it,” Akecam said.

Thok-agor added that the impact of the course will help the trainees on how to train more people to manage conflict in communities.

“WAV is targeting youth who will be able to raise awareness for peace building by enhancing the knowledge and skills on how to make sustainable peace and unity in the community of Western Lakes state,” said Thok-agor.

Naspisa Gordon who speaks on behalf of participants of peace committee in Wulu and Rumbek Centre Counties in Western Lakes state, Rumbek urges elders to advise their sons in order to avoid; revenge killings, cattle raiding, ambushes and looting along highways.

By Mabor Riak Magok



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